60 m3 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant provides satisfaction of all levels needs with practical and effective solutions. Stationary Concrete Batching Plants is easily reached with the maximum efficiency.

In addition, that plant procure the use of enterprise resources accurately, so that gaining time-saving will transform to more earnings.

60 m3 Mobile Concrete Batching Plants are compliance with international standards and have been developed to function under severe operating and climatic conditions. Thus, without compromising the quality of production, 7/24 working can offer seamless manufacturing solution . For businesses in every region of the world; extremely easy and practical setups of it cause the saving costs of purchase and have become an alternative to high-quality production.

Full automatic automation system provides to facilitate follow-up and control of the production process with the management of the operator. So that the possible usage and production errors are eliminated. While saving on time and costs which are required for maintenance and production, provide the possibility of continuous and rapid production in areas of continuously need.

60 m3 Mobile Concrete Batching Plants never let you down with high-performance and durable construction!

Why Dragon New Genaration Mobile Concrete Batching Plants?

Dragon new generation mobile concrete batching plants are served to the customers with the help of all-inclusive research&development studies (R & D) and high manifacturing technology. They provide these advantages:

  • Advantage of transportation. (All parts of Dragon new generation mobile concrete batching plants and concrete siloes can be transferred by only one truck.)
    •With the help of its special design, it needs less installation area.
    •It has approximately 50% energy consumption in comparison with classical mobile concrete batching plant.
    •It can be established and worked in a short time (in one day)
    •Low ground cost. (It does not need concrete on strong ground.)
    •Opportunity of high quality concrete manifacturing and very precise manifacturing capability.(with full automatic computer control system.)
    •In accordance with CE standards
    •Easy maintenance and low operating cost
    •High concrete resistance with the help of high rate homogeneous mixture of concrete.
    •It is optional that you can follow its automation system with watching interface via internet wherever you are in the world. You can receive reports for daily, weekly, and monthly. You can save the reports as pdf, excel or word, keep them with you and print out them.
    •You can use tablet version of automation program with wireless.
    •Mobile concrete plant is designed to work in hard and in different climate conditions.
    •It has much more steel tonnage weight in comparison with similarities. And this makes Dragon concrete plants long life.
    •Reliable suppliers. (Siemens, Jotun, Pirelli, WAM, Mittal-Arcelor)
    •For corrasion-resistance, we use first class epoxy paint and sandblasting at all our concrete plants.
    •The thick plate used at stationary and mobile concrete plants is heavier than similar ones and it has full scale sensibility. Zero-vibration reduces loss of capacity.
  • Stationary and mobile concrete plants make it easy to find all kinds of materials at local markets by using international components. Dragon Machinery use quality sub-equipments.
  • You can control remote power station with the help of high level modern automation system. In all control panels, Dragon Machinery uses French or German electronic equipment brands.
  • Plants can work effeciently in the long term.
    •At mobile and stationary plants, concrete manifacturing in different types and at different capacity can be easy with the usage of alternative concrete mixers.
    •Customer satisfaction is our primary aim. We manufacture our machines in accordance with ISO, CE and GOST-R standards.
    •Dragon is the pioneer of ready mixed concrete. It is also one of the leaders of automation program. Beside helping operators in concret e manifacturing fields, It makes controlling and following in manifacturing practical.
    •Concrete power station automation program provides opportunities: operator can manufacture, labaratorian can arrange prescription from a distance, constructor’s supervisor or officers can follow the manifacturing and prepare reports from a distance.
    •One of the important parts in automation world is PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). There are various brands for PLC. We prefer Schneider Electric or Siemens common known brands.
    •Dragon Machinery concrete plants are easy transferable, immadiate assembly-disassembly and have low operational cost. Mobile concrete plants can manufacture 60 m3/ph and 150 m3/ph. For most of the projects, Demistar machinery is a part of the construction projects with its power and quality. Because the world is becomimg mobilized, sites of construction often change, and time is getting more and more important.Mobile is simplified thanks to the front legs in this type of control system is set to merge with truck.
    Axle Systems are have truss, thanks to the suspension of the maximum level in difficult conditions destroys the damage. In Heavy-duty axles sytem is used that suitable for operation in hard conditions.
    *Chassis brake and lighting systems are available, it is suitable to go at high speeds thanks to the brake system.
    *Generator system is optional Deutz, Doosan, Perkins that engine generator system is used.
    *Dragon Mobile Concret Plant is fortified with fixing legs mechanism , ıt is suitable to work on their own work stands.
    *The front feed hopper and belt is mounted mobile system and optionally can be transported with the same system.
    * 150 ton silo is optional,complete demounted, ıf desired, can be sent the same system and using easily installation.
    * If desired , plant can be complete upper covering is optional.
Feature Name Value
Additive Scale 30 kg
Aggregate Stock Bunker 40 (4 x 10) m³
Aggregate Transfer Belt Sizes 700 x 9500 mm
Aggregate Weighing Belt Sizes 700 x 5000 mm
Aggregate Weighing Scales 2200 kg
Cement Scale 500 kg
Cement Silo 150 ton – optional
Front Feed Hopper Optional 15 m³
Mixer Capacity (compacted) 1 m3 Panmixer
Mixer Capacity 1,5 m3 Panmixer
Plant Capacity 50 – 60 m³/hour
Water Scale 250 kg
Mixer Motor Power 37 kw
Cement Screw Ø219x6000mm (optional)

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